"I consider Design as a mean and not a result. A way to create 

new relationships between people and the surrounding world."



I was born in Buenos Aires in 1994.  I've studied “Interior and Furniture Design” at IAAD – Institute of Applied Arts and Design in Turin, Italy.  And I've completed a Masters in “Exhibit and Retail Design” at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

My approach to design allows me  to create a dialogue with people by getting them involved in my projects and not by just being onlookers. They play a key role in the space designed by me. I am really open minded and willing to be inspired by all things that catch my eye.




It’s been many years since we spent whole afternoons in the “Secret workshop”. A little haven where ideas took shape becoming toys which I proudly played with and still to this day  are fixed in my mind.

Creating an object with a few tools and ones creativity has always  fascinated me. It's what desired me to do this job one day. His passion to create new things is the greatest teaching I've received from him, a man who has inspired me and will continue to do so, my grandad: el Lelo.


From the quiet white sheet

To alive colorful lines.

Draw, color and cut are the gestures of a child who expresses himself on a white sheet filled in his own way.


Tinte Pastello Fotografie - 

Wedding, Premaman, Newborn

Space to think

The bahtroom as place to think about oneself and to regenerate  one's soul. 

"Make design safely: use a concept"

Petrula Vrontikis




Interior Design

If you want to create

your own space

Children's therapy tools

If you want to make

toys for your little patients

Graphic Design

If you want to  transform 

your idea into a graphic sign